Monday, August 9, 2010

When a Caveman Ascends the Stairs

When a Caveman Ascends the Stairs
MSC/Defenestrater Records 003
12-song CD
Written and recorded March-July 2007
Released July 2007

1. Walking Into Doors in the Park
2. Bernice Bobs her Hare
3. Preiterate
4. Who Knows a Marjorie These Days
5. All the Winifreds on One Block
6. Ruby Keeler's Gone (And Gone Astray)
7. The Pair of Gams
8. Long in the Tooth
9. Contemporary Husbandry
10. Long Walks on Short Piers
11. A Young Man (She Kept Company With)
12. Acieration

Cover images taken from Keeping Up with the Jonses [Men's Styles], animated by Harry Palmer (Gaumont, 1915).

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